Amaze UI 2.4


Amaze UI

A mobile-first and modular front-end framework.


Born for Mobile

The basic concept of Amaze UI is Mobile First. You can easily fit your website in any device, from phones to tablets to desktops.


Modularized Components

Amaze UI contains a collection of components. With Amaze UI, developers can easily build beautiful and user-friendly websites on all devices.



Comparing to other frameworks, Amaze UI pay more attention to typesetting for Chinese texts, and adjust fonts according to user agents' settings to achieve better display effect. Amaze UI not only works perfect on popular browsers, but also on many local browsers as well as app's build-in browsers.


Lightweight, Efficient

Amaze UI is built for HTML5. By using CSS3, Amaze UI provides smooth and highly efficient interactions and animiats, especially on mobile devices, which allow developers to build wonderful web apps.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Amaze UI is based on some awesome open source projects.

MIT License

Amaze UI is absolutely free of charge and you can use, copy, merge, publish and distribute the framework without any limitations.


A big thanks to jQuery, Zepto.js, Seajs, LESS, normalize.css, FontAwesome, Bootstrap, Foundation, UIKit, Pure, Framework7, etc.


Thanks to all users, who feedback bugs, give advices.

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